ZINC: High Impact Formats for Brand Impact

Are you wondering what the relationship is between ZEDO and ZINC.? Many of our customers are. It’s time for some good “talking points” about ZINC, ZEDO‘s advertiser subsidiary.
Because we are a big proponent of user initiation in advertising and an even bigger proponent of visibility, ZINC has developed a suite of high impact formats for agencies to use for brand messaging on mobile. We know how quickly users are moving to mobile and we  help advertisers meet them there .
This is a different way to get a brand message in front of users, and a better option than pre-roll, because it encourages a higher level of engagement and it can scale quickly and globally as pre-roll, with its limited supply of inventory, cannot.
These ads can be embedded in articles, and they’re not tied to a piece of video content to deliver their message. In addition, we have a proprietary trigger mechanism for the ad that prevents it from appearing until the viewer is there, ie., has scrolled down that far on a page. ( If the user scrolls, she’s there.) After the trigger, the ad will auto-play, but with the sound off. Mousing over the ad turns on the sound, and clicking to full screen turns any smart phone or tablet into a full screen video player.
If the visitor doesn’t click, the experience is very much like pre-roll, but unlike that video format it doesn’t prevent the visitor to your site from consuming your content. In a simpler version of the “Skip Ad” feature on many sites, this format, which we are calling InArticle for now, allows a reader to keep scrolling if she doesn’t wish to view the ad.
A because ZINC is part of ZEDO and works with the ZEDO network of Tier 1 publishers and news sites, InArticle has gotten the publisher adoption to allow you to scale your ads globally. We have hundreds of sites, a publisher network that allows marketers to access the right audience with their existing video assets. No creative customization is necessary.
Feel free to email adsales@zincx.com to learn more about this novel, ideal branding message platform.