What is ZINC, and What is its Relationship to ZEDO?

Our ZINC division, which sells high impact formats to advertisers,  is somewhat new to the agency world, and we are often asked some simple questions: who are we? What are we selling? And how are we different?

Who are we?

ZINC is the brand and agency division of ZEDO, Inc, a fifteen-year-old ad tech company founded in San Francisco with offices in New York, Mumbai, St Petersburg, Phoenix and development teams in many other countries. ZEDO began life as a publisher-side ad server, with the vision that it would be the primary ad technology partner to publishers who were prospering in the new digital age. As the years passed, ZEDO became the largest independent ad server and developed a full suite of products services to help its publishers. Now ZEDO not only serves ads; ZINC also helps publishers sell their online inventory. As a partner on the publisher side, ZEDO’s entire goal is to help premium publishers make money. There are many non premium publishers we don’t take as clients, but that’s all right.

However, we came to the realization that there really isn’t a publisher side vs an advertiser side to this business. Publishers and advertisers are an ecosystem, and to help publishers we also had to help advertisers. Like it or not advertisers just need high CTRs. We put our A-list development team on the task of coming up with products that would help advertisers, and we came up with the first of the high impact formats: the InView Slider. Publishers began to sell the slider to their advertisers, and when comScore measured it 99% viewable, we realized we had something that would not only help publishers, but would also help advertisers increase CTRs. So we launched ZINC a little over a year ago.

What are we selling?

We sell ad formats that deliver three to five times the click-through rates of standard banner ads, but do not require any special creative. We call these high impact formats, but since that term has become overused, we need to make clear ZINC high impact formats are differentiated because they deliver like rich media campaigns but require no special creative from the advertiser. We can take standard creative that the advertiser or agency already has and use our publisher ad server deliver it on the publisher pages in a completely new way that generates high CTRs. And then of course the advertisers and agencies buy more so then the publishers generate good extra revenue too. It’s a win-win.

How are we different?

We are constantly at work developing new High Impact Formats, because we intend to remain the CTR leader. With every new High Impact Format we test an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to determine if the CTR is good or not. If it doesn’t click we throw it away and work on our next idea. If it works, we develop it and perfect it with a focus on improving CTR, 100% viewability, and other brand performance metrics. We then test it extensively on all browsers, all devices and our test publishers. Only when we are 100% sure that it works well do we roll it out to our publishers. Only then do we offer it to advertisers. We find that advertisers love ZINC because we show them only 2-3 formats, but the 2-3 units that they know will have the best CTRs in the industry. Agencies now buy repeatedly from ZINC with little hassle and great confidence that are getting the best.