ZEDO’s “Publisher Protection Program” Protects Publishers from Malvertising

Bad data can be a BIG problem for publishers. As more and more ad data travels through multiple hands, the risk of bad ad data and malvertising ending up on a publisher website increases.  This can seriously damage a publisher’s online advertising reputation and business. The only solution is to FIGHT BACK!  ZEDO customers can fight with much less energy, since we are now teaming with 3rd party verification companies such as The Media Trust and AdXpose. Yay! This means that ZEDO customers now have x-ray vision into their ad chain and live ad data.

We know that publishers and ad networks suffer from malicious ads and fake agencies posing as legit advertisers.   To fight this, we are working with The Media Trust Company (www.themediatrust.com)  to find bad data that may have found its way into our customers’ ad tags.  This new system will send real time alerts to our customers,  which can then be investigated and fixed instantly.  Let us help you protect your site visitors and your brand!

Don’t let any more unwanted ad data go live on your site!  New ZEDO partner AdXpose (www.AdXpose.com) will help you monitor, audit, and stop bad ads on your site in real-time. Take back the power and win the fight against bad ads on your site while easing the strain on your time and your wallet.

Contact us anytime to learn more about protecting your ad data, brand, and users with the ZEDO Publisher Protection Plan.