ZEDO’s Next Gen Ad Server Draws Praise

Users of ZEDO’s new cloud-based ad server seem to be very happy with the amount of improvement it gives them. We are migrating our clients to the new server and collecting feedback. We’re receiving a great deal of positive feedback on our implementation and customer service processes company-wide, but here are the specific claims we feel we can make  as a result of the new back end we have built:

* New Ads push live within 5 minutes. A HUGE jump from the current average 20-30 minutes

* Trafficking errors can be fixed must faster, reducing loss

* Urgent advertiser requests to start/stop/increase/reduce/move can be granted with a much lower ETA

* Changes to existing ads or pauses are within two minutes or less

* Better inventory control and optimization control, especially if you are running more banners in rotation with specific impression limit goals.

* No longer will ads over deliver / under serve on new channels because of insufficient history

* The odds that an ad will over deliver due to unexpected spikes in traffic have been significantly reduced.

* If you had a many channels and were worried about ads with small limits not serving on all the channels, that won’t happen anymore

* If you use campaign limits, you will see a significant improvement in the delivery of ads, they will distribute better across channels, serve more evenly across days and within a day, and meet limits more often.

* By the end of July, we will also support competing campaigns and roadblock campaigns

But it doesn’t matter much what we claim, unless the customer sees it himself.  So here is what one customer said:

“This is to confirm that we’ve noticed a huge jump, exactly  as you’ve said we would. Much less time launching and pausing the campaigns, many fewer over-delivered impressions and more accurate impression distribution evenly and over the multiple channels.”

Kudos to our entire team for making our customers happy. It makes the effort we put into sustaining our technology leadership worthwhile.