ZEDO’s AdNet Revmax: A Better Yield Optimizer

You may have heard the term RevMax before, but not the way we deliver it. After carefully listening to our own customers, we’ve designed a system we call AdNet Revenue Maximizer that you will find surprisingly effective and easy to use. And after you have configured your ad networks in the ZEDO Ad Network Revenue Maximizer, you will see a lift in revenue of up to 20%, based on our own customer tests.

Why does a publisher need a revenue maximizer? Simple. If you have valuable inventory, there are plenty of ad networks out there that will compete for it. It’s in your best interest to use this competition to make sure you are getting the best rates all the time. And to do that efficiently.

AdNet RevMax will help you monetize domestic and international inventory, get the most out of each network for each ad size; compare the true eCPM of each ad network and what they are offering you every day; re-prioritize your ad network impressions to make sure the highest paying impressions are first; and see all your data daily through one dashboard.

The purpose of ZEDO’s Adnet RevMax is to save you time while it increases the overall revenue earned from the ad networks you use. Any ad networks. It will also provide transparency for the data you receive from those ad networks, collect all the data from remnant networks and present it in one place, and give you the tools to optimize the performance of those networks for things you really are about, such as eCPM.

Because we know some publishers like to do all this themselves, we have to options for you: the first option is that you buy the product, configure it, and use it. The second, the “concierge” option, is that ZEDO operates the technology for you, and manages the network relationships, for a percentage of the revenue we bring you.

Oh, and if we serve your ads, this product is part of our service.