ZEDO Welcomes Lawrence Braitman and Esther Dyson to Its Board of Directors

ZEDO Welcomes Lawrence Braitman and Esther Dyson to Its Board of Directors

Yahoo! Finance
December 18, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ — ZEDO, Inc., the leading Third Generation Ad Serving company, today announced Lawrence Braitm an, the co-founder of the Flycast Network and Esther Dyson, the Chairman of EDventure Holdings, have joined the ZEDO Board of Directors.

“We are delighted that two leading industry figures have joined the Board of ZEDO,” said Roy de Souza, CEO of ZEDO. “ZEDO’s Third Generation Ad Serving inspired by high end peer-to-peer architecture, is cost effective, scalable, high speed and has immense flexibility for customer specific features. The support of such key individuals demonstrates the power of ZEDO’s technology to today’s I nternet.”

“ZEDO’s solution is tailor-made for the current Internet advertising environment,” said Mr. Braitman. “By avoiding capital-intensive and maintenance-intensive centralized ad serving technology, ZEDO’s distributed platform gives it an inherent cost advantage in providing superior ad serving. Cost conscious publishers and advertisers are finding that by switching to ZEDO they can red uce their ad serving costs by upwards of fifty percent.” In 1996, Mr. Braitman co-founded the highly successful Flycast Network, an online advertisin g technology and network, purchased in 2000 by CMGI in a stock transaction valued at $2.1 billion. Lawrence Braitman serves on the Board of Firewhite, Inc., a provider of tools for deploying, securing and managing mobile applications.

“I’m enthusiastic about ZEDO because it uses ‘buzzword technology’ — decentralization and T hird Generation edgeServing(TM) — to deliver real-world benefits such as low cost, reliability and scalability,” said Esther Dyson. “Also, ZEDO is the kind of company I love to support: a market-challenging start-up that kno ws how to stay focused and efficient.” Esther Dyson, high-tech luminary and pundit, is the chairman of EDventure Holdings, which pu blishes a monthly newsletter, Release 1.0, and sponsors the premier high-tech conferences, PC Forum in the U.S. and High-Tech Forum in Europe. Ms. Dyson serves on the boards of WPP Group, Manugistics, Audumbla, Sourceree and TrustWorks , among others.