San Francisco, Calif. – March 14, 2002 – ZEDO, Inc., the leading Third Generation Ad Serving Company today announced that it is achieving recognition for its new Third Generation architecture for serving Internet advertising.

Serving billions of advertisements on the Internet poses significant challenges for ad technology companies. Serving ads requires control of: which ad is served to which page, which ad is seen at what time, which ad is seen in which country, and other factors. Traditional, second generation ad serving technologies were implemented by deploying server farms, which communicated directly with millions of browsers in real time to provide this control. These infrastructures required significant investments in hardware and human resources to support them. Modifying and upgrading such systems continues to be laborious.

In its new architecture a smart ZEDO ad tag on the browser provides all of the control needed to serve an ad, without the need for large server farms.

“ZEDO has developed an architecture that distributes ad serving control to improve the serving of advertising across the Internet. says Alfredo Botelho, Internet technology visionary and CTO of ZEDO, Inc. ZEDO moves the industry forward from antiquated and expensive server farms to streamlined fully distributed ad serving. This provides advantages in scalability, cost and flexibility. The scalability allows ZEDO to serve billions of ads at low cost. The architectural flexibility allows ZEDO to quickly develop new features and formats for customers.

ZEDO’s architecture is receiving increasing acceptance from industry experts:

“ZEDO’s architecture leverages content delivery and caching to make ad delivery as fast and as scalable as possible, says Peter Danzig, Technical Advisor to ZEDO and former VP of Technology of Akamai Technologies.

“Second generation ad serving systems have inherent scalability challenges which lead to high cost-structures. says Sandeep Nawathe, the former CTO of Ad Force, Inc., a major second generation ad serving company, and Founder and CTO of Full Degree Corporation. At Ad Force we had to maintain hundreds of servers in multiple countries across the world. As the volumes grew ever higher, this architecture became slow, difficult to maintain, and expensive. ZEDO’s Third Generation Ad Serving architecture will finally provide the Internet with the quality of scalable ad technology it needs.


ZEDO is the leading provider of Third Generation Ad Serving(TM) technology for today’s online advertising and eCommerce needs. ZEDO uses a unique proprietary architecture that is fast, scalable and is highly flexible in meeting customer needs. ZEDO currently leads the industry in fully featured, cost effective, ad serving for Internet publishers and advertisers. Its full feature set is presented in an intuitive and highly acclaimed graphical user interface. ZEDO technology includes advanced time of day and broadband targeting, full analytics and conversion tracking (including tracking conversions from Overture and Google buys) that help companies generate more revenue from Internet advertising.

For more information on ZEDO go to http://www.zedo.com. ZEDO is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in the UK and India.

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