ZEDO-SceneChat Relationship Furthers Social Video Advertising

We have always said video is the future of online advertising, So last week we signed an agreement with SceneChat to deliver interactive display ads into the SceneChat network – globally.  The arrangement will enable SceneChat and its its customers to monetize a global base of users creating and sharing interactive social videos.

The SceneChat Social Engagement Platform is the web’s first self-service social video marketing platform. 
The arrangement with ZEDO will enable SceneChat to monetize via ads publishers opting into the SceneChat’s Free, ad-supported usage program.  SceneChat will then serve ads to the engagement bar of select clients. Clients may opt out of advertising by signing up for a paid account.

SceneChat is a simple self-serve flexible solution for marketers looking to increase video engagement and conversions. Marketers can publish and analyze interactive social video marketing campaigns without the need to migrate content to a specialized service, hire video editors, or Flash developers.

The ZEDO / SceneChat combination will provide video companion display ad capabilities that help marketers augment video creative with dynamically driven display advertising.  Marketers can create a more integrated messaging experience for prospects by timing placement of display ads with a specific call-to-action synced to a video. This capability can increase direct response to video campaigns, improve video completion rates and also drive prospects through the marketing funnel from awareness through conversion.

Interactive experiences can be synced to specific scenes within a video, engaging audiences as they consume content. Interactions can be timed messages, polls, graphics, URL links, or multiple choice questions that can navigate a video.

And SceneChat experiences can be broadly distributed via Facebook or Twitter, or directly embedded on a publisher’s site or blog. In addition, the company offers both a WordPress plugin and on-site code that enables experiences to be directly published onto a site.

“We’re very pleased to establish this relationship with ZEDO,” said Shawn Hopwood, CEO of SceneChat. “The ZEDO platform provides a comprehensive display ad delivery platform that meets all our needs and those of our customers. We look forward to rolling out this solution to our growing network of brands, agencies and publishers.”