ZEDO PLAY App Shows Large Repertoire of Mobile Ad Offerings

zedoPlayScreenOne of the problems for both our publisher partners and the ZINC team that presents our mobile formats to agencies is the awkwardness of making a potential ad buyer or publisher visit the web to see demos of what we have available. And now that everyone’s using mobile devices, both in the industry and in “real life,”  we thought we should make our demos available in easy-to-see real life situations.

Thus, ZEDO’s first showcase app “ZEDO PLAY” is now live on the Google Play Store, with the  iOS version will be out shortly too. You can download the app on your Android phone directly here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zedo.zedoplayandroid.   It will appeal to media buyers and publishers who want to see how our mobile ad units will look on the mobile devices of consumers.

ZEDO PLAY’s initial release brings to agencies and publishers a view of all our in-app offerings:  standard ad units, rich media MRAID units (from prominent 3rd parties like Celtra, Crisp etc.), fullscreen & popup interstitials, custom placements and very soon, in-stream video ads, with many more new formats also in the pipeline. ZEDO PLAY uses our new API based SDKs.

Initial feedback and benchmarks not only suggest that the new SDK performs very well and looks fantastic, but also leaves our competition behind by a fair margin. Kudos to the teams that have been involved in bringing this form to life.

We’ve been observing/studying many others in our business who have gone on to create feature-rich SDKs, but have never quite been able to demonstrate what their ad units were really capable of. With ZEDO PLAY, we intend to push forth and showcase the best of our capabilities, deep linking with our publishers and potential customers for a long time to come. And this is just the start.

ZEDO PLAY (and our SDK) have been designed with a core focus on performance while maintaining a simplistic yet definitive appeal. We’ve tinkered with the best of design principles from Google and Apple and incorporated them into the app, which you will get to experience as you play with it. The core fundamental here has been to GO CONSUMER FIRST i.e. “If you and I (as users) find it appealing, our customers will too.” Let’s continue to grow our business.

We’d  love to hear your feedback, both by email and also on the Play Store with ratings and comments.

Stay tuned for more updates from the team. For the moment though, jump right on to the store and check the app out.