Zedo launches Online Ad Exchange – Zinc

Zedo launches Online Ad Exchange – Zinc

August 26, 2011
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Zedo’s online ad exchange for Indian publishers, Zinc will go live in September. This will be first of its kind online exchange in India where online ad inventory is currently sold through ad networks, or like traditional advertising inventory- individually, by media owners, to media planners and buyers for the use of their clients, confirms Roy De Souza, CEO and co-founder of Silicon Valley firm Zedo (1999) and Managing Director of Zinc India to Hindu Business line exclusively.

He states that “One of two trends that have sparked the birth of Zinc India is that ‘ad networks are globally dying and so in India’. The other, according to De Souza, is that “brand advertisers are losing interest in social networks and moving their ads to ‘premium content’ such as newspapers’ Web sites”.

While ad exchanges such as Zinc India exist in developed markets, Zedo has chosen the Indian market to launch in first to leverage its equity with publishers here. According to Zedo’s co-founder, publishers already using its technology are working on the pricing of different inventory options, and would be willingly migrated to the Zinc India platform. Those not using Zedo technology are being asked to switch one unit of their online inventory on to Zinc India’s Web site to start with.

A new office will be set up for Zinc India, replete with a new CEO and team. In India, Zedo has chosen to start a new company to run the exchange, given its confidence in the scope the market provides.

Zinc India will offer media planners the advantage of information from a variety of publisher sites with news content on one platform. Based on news published in Hindu Business line.