ZEDO launches easy to use, cost effective “Pop Under” serving

ZEDO launches easy to use, cost effective “Pop Under” serving

San Francisco, Calif. – July 5, 2001 – ZEDO, Inc., the Third Generation Ad Serving company, today announced the expansion of its product line to include pop under and pop up ad serving. ZEDO’s Third Generation Ad Serving architecture eliminates much of the hardware and data centers used in second generation technologies. The architectures uses browser intelligence: Java Script “ad servers” running on end user computers (no download required) as in peer to peer architectures. Details of this technology can be found at www.ZEDO.com/technology and from the white paper available on the ZEDO site.

New Pop Under Serving

Reacting to customer demand ZEDO today launched its cutting edge, easy to use and low cost pop under serving. ZEDO’s pop under serving is cutting edge: ads load faster than any other serving system due to ZEDO’s unique architecture. Furthermore, unique to all ad serving technologies, frequency capping is handled on the browser and is therefore highly accurate. This prevents repetitive pop ups which annoy web users. Trafficking and reporting is easier to use than any other system. The architecture means that ad traffickers do not need to use or understand any html or any java script. Ad traffickers can control the size of the pop ups/ pop unders, positioning, frequency capping, delay in popping up and other features using simple pull down menus and clickable buttons. Finally, due to the unique architecture that minimizes the use of servers, ZEDO’s pop under serving is highly cost effective for sites and advertisers.

“We now lead the industry in pop under serving,” says Roy de Souza, founder and CEO of ZEDO, Inc. “Our pop under serving has been built to customer specifications and is appreciated by our customers.”


ZEDO is the leading provider of Third Generation Ad Serving(TM) technology for today’s online advertising and eCommerce needs. ZEDO uses a unique proprietary architecture that is fast, scalable and is highly flexible in meeting customer needs. ZEDO currently leads the industry in fully featured, cost effective, ad serving for Internet publishers and advertisers. Its full feature set is presented in an intuitive and highly acclaimed graphical user interface. ZEDO technology includes advanced time of day and broadband targeting, full analytics and conversion tracking (including tracking conversions from Overture and Google buys) that help companies generate more revenue from Internet advertising.

For more information on ZEDO go to http://www.zedo.com. ZEDO is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in the UK and India.

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