ZEDO launches ad serving product with adDisplay™ duration measurement

ZEDO launches ad serving product with adDisplay™ duration measurement

San Francisco, Calif. – September 2, 2001 – ZEDO, Inc., the Third Generation Ad Serving company, today announced the launch of its edgeServing™ product. The Third Generation Ad Serving architecture eliminates much of the hardware and data centers used in second generation technologies. The architectures uses browser intelligence: Java Script “ad servers” running on end user computers as in peer to peer architectures. The Java Script “ad servers” allow ZEDO to track ad delivery on the browser, including how long ads are visible to web users (adDisplay™ duration) and how click through rates vary across sites that have longer adDisplay™ durations.

edgeServing™ for Advertisers

Reacting to customer demand from advertisers for more effective ways to measure Internet advertising ZEDO has launched a new advertiser product with full post click tracking and sophisticated reporting. The flagship feature of this product is the ability to track how long ads were displayed to users, on any site, for any type of creative. This Ad Display duration allows advertisers to optimize and buy space on sites and areas of sites, where the ads are displayed longest to users.

“ZEDO edgeServing™ for advertisers provides advertisers with a new level of tracking data and analysis. Traditionally advertisers are forced to pay every time an ad is requested from a server, regardless of whether an ad gets to a browser or not. Advertisers have no idea if or how many ads reach the web page. With ZEDO technology advertisers will know which ads reach web pages and even which ads are displayed to users for 5 seconds or more. For example, if users on one site scroll down instantly and hardly see the ads, then the advertisers will know exactly how many of their ad impressions on were displayed for 5 seconds and how many were wasted. They can then adjust their media plan accordingly.”


ZEDO is the leading provider of Third Generation Ad Serving(TM) technology for today’s online advertising and eCommerce needs. ZEDO uses a unique proprietary architecture that is fast, scalable and is highly flexible in meeting customer needs. ZEDO currently leads the industry in fully featured, cost effective, ad serving for Internet publishers and advertisers. Its full feature set is presented in an intuitive and highly acclaimed graphical user interface. ZEDO technology includes advanced time of day and broadband targeting, full analytics and conversion tracking (including tracking conversions from Overture and Google buys) that help companies generate more revenue from Internet advertising.

For more information on ZEDO go to http://www.zedo.com ZEDO is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in the UK and India.

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