ZEDO Is More Than You Think We Are

Because we have been in the ad tech business longer than just about anyone else, people think they already know ZEDO. And yet they may not. Over the past eleven years, we have constantly changed our offerings and our companies to serve our clients and guide them through what has been a decade of turbulent change for online publishers.

Yes, we started as an ad server. But that’s just where we began. As we move into our new US headquarters on Jan.3, and finalize the plans to launch our American version of ZINC Exchange, we look back on how we have  evolved into a full-service advertising technology partner for our customers.

Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 7.06.04 AM

Our current suite of products includes:

Yield optimization

Innovative rich media formats for publishers’ direct sales teams,

Full featured ad serving for mobile, web, and video

Behavioral targeting data built into the ad server,

Outsourced ad operations,

An exchange-like platform for publishers to sell behavioral and DMA targeted inventory at high CPMs,

And ZINC Exchange, a self service platform that allows advertisers to buy directly from a publisher.

These products are integrated into one technology platform for advertisers and publishers to choose from, or use seamlessly together. ZEDO has been in the internet advertising industry for over 10 years, and is the most successful independent ad server in the US and the market leader in India.

In 2012, we hope to continue to make our brand the most trusted ad tech partner for publishers, and to demonstrate through the use of such new formats as the inview Slider that we can raise the revenue of publishers as the market shifts again — this time to mobile.