ZEDO expands its product line by launching “Third Generation Ad Service”

ZEDO expands its product line by launching “Third Generation Ad Service”

San Francisco, Calif. – April 17, 2001 – ZEDO, Inc., today announced the expansion of their product line built on their unique Third Generation Ad Serving architecture. The Third Generation Ad Serving architecture eliminates much of the hardware and data centers used in second generation technologies. The architectures uses browser intelligence: Java Script “ad servers” running on end user computers as in peer to peer architectures. The Java Script “ad servers” require no user download and are 10x faster than traditional serving. With this unique architecture, ZEDO moves ad serving from an intelligent server and dumb client to intelligent server and intelligent client. Details of this technology can be found at www.ZEDO.com/zedo/technology and from the white paper available on the ZEDO site.

ZEDO serves ads without the expensive hardware and maintenance costs of traditional ad serving architectures and therefore dramatically reduces the cost of ad serving for both publishers and advertisers. In addition the new architecture allows ease of use and a series innovative new targeting and measurement products that help both advertisers and publishers meet their business goals.

ZEDO now serves all creative in IAB standards including rich media. ZEDO’s trafficking and reporting is streamlined and easy to use, especially for rich media. Due to ZEDO’s unique client side (browser) intelligence ad traffickers do not need to upload any sniffer code for rich media. Every browser knows exactly what rich media it is capable of seeing and only requests the correct ads. Trafficking and reporting are state of the art in their simplicity and time saving.

“We are extremely pleased to offer an affordable top notch technology to companies in today’s market. Our technology is designed to allow customers to actually generate revenue from their ad serving and easily traffic and report on it.” says Roy de Souza, founder and CEO of ZEDO, Inc. “Furthermore we are excited by the extremely positive response that we are getting from the market. Customers are crying out for our new streamlined technology.”

ZEDO, Inc., is the leading provider of ad serving technology built for today’s needs. It serves ads using a unique proprietary Third Generation Ad Serving architecture that is more scalable, offers client side measurement and is more cost effective than any other serving technology on the market today. Furthermore the technology does not require stored profiles of any type and is thus is on the cutting edge of ensuring consumer privacy.


ZEDO is the leading provider of Third Generation Ad Serving(TM) technology for today’s online advertising and eCommerce needs. ZEDO uses a unique proprietary architecture that is fast, scalable and is highly flexible in meeting customer needs. ZEDO currently leads the industry in fully featured, cost effective, ad serving for Internet publishers and advertisers. Its full feature set is presented in an intuitive and highly acclaimed graphical user interface. ZEDO technology includes advanced time of day and broadband targeting, full analytics and conversion tracking (including tracking conversions from Overture and Google buys) that help companies generate more revenue from Internet advertising.

For more information on ZEDO go to http://www.zedo.com. ZEDO is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in the UK and India.

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