Zedo.com launches opt-in banner advertising

Zedo.com launches opt-in banner advertising

March 26, 2001
(Translated from Italian)

The American ad serving company ZEDO.com has created a new and original method of distributing targeted banner ads that allows users to view advertisements targeted to their interests.

The new system called selfTargeting™ is a technology based on the preferences of users to select a preferred category, product, or service to see advertisements in. This preference appears when a user clicks the icon “choose your ad” when they are viewing any banner ad served by ZEDO.com. The innovative element of selfTargeting™ is that it transforms users into an active population, and responds to the choices of consumers, which makes the ads more efficient and economical. When an advertiser chooses to advertise through traditional banner advertising, there are high costs for many views of an ad, which will usually be wasted on people who are not interested with the content.

With ZEDO’s ad serving system, the advertiser faces less expense, because the number of ad views is less, while at the same time more highly targeted and effective.

ZEDO’s selfTargeting™ technology represents an interesting attempt to gain credibility in web advertising, which has been waning in recent months.