ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2014

Device Targeting

Users can now target ads to a specific device when trafficking ads. An option for “Device Targeting” is now available under “Targeting”.  A creative targeted to a specific Device will serve only on that Device. All major manufacturers/models are supported by this feature. If a creative is not targeted to any specific device than it will serve on all device.

Targeting by Device Manufacturer/Model

Apart from device, a user can target various devices based on different categories. At any given point of time, a user can target multiple manufacturers and categories.

Targeting by Device Category

Reach Report by Creative

Apart from existing campaign reach report a user can now pull a reach report by creative. The creative reach report is available along with all the existing parameters and can be pulled by month, week or day. Creative reach report will show creative wise reach. It will help to analyze how effective the reach of a creative was.