ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2012

Logical operators for Activity targeting
In the quest to find the most appropriate user for your ad we want to help you get as granular as possible. To that end, we have enhanced our Activity targeting feature to support logical operators (OR, AND, AND NOT), which will allow you to create the desired combinations of activities and find the best users to serve your ads to.Screen:
Revenue using True ImpressionsOur new True Impressions calculation removes passbacks from the count, so you can see true revenue numbers in the Home tab. This is automatically enabled for all customers using ZEDO’s Ad Network Optimizer with passback-enabled ads.Multiple expandables on a page

You can now run multiple expandable ads on a single page. Subsequent changes to the existing method of editing flash files for user-initiated expandable ads can be seen in the updated Ad Summary on the trafficking form.Flash wmode setting

We now allow users to override the default wmode setting for flash ads from the Create Ad page as shown below:

Choose between three wmode settings

  1. Transparent: Flash ad background is transparent, allowing everything on the page behind to show through.
  2. Opaque: Hides everything on the page behind the ad.
  3. Window: Ad plays in its own window on a webpage.

The feature in the trafficking form:
New data in Rank Ads
We have added new data in Rank Ads.

Displays the eCPM by ad for Today and Total.Auto Level Info:
Displays the most recent eCPM/eCPC set in Auto Leveling.New columns in Rank Ads:

Auto Detection Of OpenX Tags In ZEDO
ZEDO now supports OpenX ad tags as standard ad server tags in our 3rd party ad server. When a user uploads an OpenX tag, ZEDO will automatically add appropriate click tracking and cache busting macros.