ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2014

Ad Request Event for VAST

As the digital video advertising market becomes more sophisticated, new features and functionality are required to improve support for streaming ad display and reporting. We have added a new feature Ad Request which works in VAST Events.

The ‘Ad Request’ feature is activated by default for all VAST ads that are created, it will not be available in the VAST Compatible create ad form. The Ad Requests event reports on the number of requests made by the VAST tag to the ad server to fetch the video ad.

Users can view the Ad requests logged for an ad by pulling a VAST event report.

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Reach Report by Channel/Country ( Not yet released)

Apart from existing Campaign and Creative reach report, you can now pull a reach report by Country and Channel. The Country and Channel reach report is available along with all the existing parameters and can be pulled by month, week or day.

These reports will allow you to analyze how effective your reach is for a Country and Channel.


Frequency cap option for expandable

Expandable ads are rich media ads that can expand beyond the original size of the ad unit. The ad can expand automatically or when a user clicks or rolls over, and you can control that setting when you traffick the Ad in Zedo Server. However Auto expanding multiple times in a day for the same user, could create a negative impact. Hence to keep this in check we now provide frequency capping option that allows you to decide the number of times the Ad will Auto Expand in a day for a specific user.


Roadblock and Competing ad setup improved

We have improved the Roadblock and Competing ad setup by eliminating the steps to create pages by synchronizing the channels. You can now targeting roadblock ads directly to any channel and serve the ads on your webpage.


Ad status while creating an ad

You can now set a new ad to app (approved) status directly from the create ad form.