ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2013

New Look for ZEDO header!

 We’ve revamped the ZEDO UI header to look and work better.

 It’s more streamlined, more modern, and has more features.

  • Adopted Flat UI guidelines
  • More prominent Search box
  • Focus on usability. The header is now semi-responsive, and will be fully responsive in the near future
  • Reduced Header height to accommodate more content on-screen.

Aside from this project, in the near future, we also have projects lined up to improve the experience of logging in or out, the in-page (body) content – which is of most interest to our users, reporting, and search.

Channel selection for publisher role

 Previously, a Publisher user would get access to all the channels (linked or unlinked) while pulling reports in their account. This was reported by many customers, as other publisher channels were getting exposed to publishers.

 To improve this we have made a few changes to Create Role and Create User pages:

 For existing roles and users, we will have two options –

For new Publisher Role creation – for existing customers

  • The default option (Only Publisher-linked Channels)  will allow them to display only a linked channel to a publisher.
  • Another option (Publisher-linked and Custom Selection) will allow them to select linked as well as non-linked channels to be displayed to a publisher.

For new Publisher Role creation – for new customers

You will not see the ‘Add All Current and Future Channels’ option.

On the Create User page, the channels linked to a publisher will be automatically selected and cannot be removed.

However for the option “Publisher-linked and custom selection ” you can also add unlinked channels to the list of channels that publisher user can see.

Custom Targeting Updates

Custom targeting came out in our last release. Some updates:

  • Added ability to bulk clone Custom Targeted Ads.
  • Custom targeting applied to an ad can now be saved in a targeting template and re-used for other ads.

Page URL and Referrer URL placeholders in Ad Tag

We have added placeholders for Page, Referrer URLs in our ad tags. These are placeholders for other 3rd party ad servers who will be trafficking ZEDO tags in their ad serve and want to track Page and Referrer URLs.