ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2012

October has been a busy month for our development team as we planned some important upgrades to boost the performance and quality of our system.

While our main focus was on Quality, we also released the following features.

Ad Title Layer

As Google knows, ad networks can gain brand recognition by including their name on the ads they serve. ZEDO’s Ad Title Layer feature lets customers display their company logo or name on ads, helping with marketing and branding.

We built this feature based on customer demand and it’s very simple to use: Enable the feature and upload the Ad Title in Account Preferences, then apply it when trafficking individual ads.

In Account Preferences, select the Enable Ad Title checkbox and enter the info and file(s) for the Title.

In the trafficking form, select the Include Ad Title checkbox and the Title will show up on the ad.  

All Channels impressions in Rank Ads

The Rank Ads tool shows impressions served on a selected channel, but some of our customers felt it would be nice to have a column which shows the impressions delivered on all channels as well, so we added it. This will help analyze how the ad is doing on the selected channel as compared to others.

The new column is titled Imps All Channels and can be seen for both Today and Total data.

Auto levelling and SMS notification settings in Account Setup

We’ve added a lot of options to Account Preferences and My Preferences in the Admin tab, which allow you to set your default preferences and customize the UI and settings for many features. The two most recent additions are:

  • Auto levelling settings in Account Preferences
  • SMS/Email notification settings in My Preferences

Auto levelling in Account Preferences

SMS/Email Notifications in My Preferences

Global Search for Custom Ad Trafficker roles
Until now, the global search option (search for any entity in the Search box) was available only for default ad traffickers; now, by customer demand we have added access for Custom Ad Trafficker (CAT) users. Access for more role types will follow.