ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2013

Changes to Custom Ad Generator for Rich Media

Our Custom Ad Generator is well known to all ZEDO customers running Rich Media ads. When we first added this tool, it stood alone, in the  Normal tab of Create Ad. We have now incorporated it into the more appropriate Rich Media trafficking template, under the new name “Custom Code Generator”.

We’ve also updated the workflow; making it easier to traffic, edit and clone ads created using Custom Code Generator. You no longer have to download the JS file and then upload it. The file and any supporting files will be automatically uploaded from the template.

Please contact support @zedo.com with any questions.

Custom Reporting for Publisher and Advertiser Roles

We have added a new Campaign feature – Custom Reporting – that allows you to specify what Campaign data your Publisher and Advertiser Users can see when they’re logged in.

It’s simple to set up:

  1. In the new Custom Reporting for Campaigns section of Edit Role (for Advertiser or Publisher), specify

    • which data (imps, clicks, and/or actions) you want these users to see

    • whether you want the selection to apply to all campaigns, or only to campaigns that have “Custom Reporting” enabled

  1. Select the Custom Reporting checkbox for the campaigns you want to apply this to.