ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2012

Rank Ads
Rank Ads is one of the most important features of ZEDO; widely used by all customers. With the growing demand to add features to the page, it got a little difficult to navigate, so in the next few releases we lined up some changes we think will make it easier for users to use this tool to prioritize their ads.

This release includes the following changes.

  1. You can now hide Ad ID and Campaign Name
    • Fewer columns means you can see the entire table
  2. Added View Only Active Ads
    • When this is selected, you will see only the ads available to serve at that time. This means you will not see day/time targeted ads which are not scheduled for that day/hour.
  3. Added new optional column: Impressions served across all channels (optional). You will see this under both the Today and Total sections.


More enhancements are coming in the upcoming releases:

  • Download data as CSV
  • Improved management of the Rank Ads UI in the Admin tab (My Preferences)
  • Graphics
  • Other UI upgrades


Slider Top Right
We added a new position for the Slider Ad: Top Right. You’ll see it as a “slide from” dropdown when trafficking sliders.


Horizontal Page Pusher
We’ve updated the Horizontal Page Pusher template (in the Custom Ad Generator).

  • Added frequency cap for theExpand On Load: Now you can set the ad to auto-expand more than once.
  • Added vertical alignment


VAST Events for Wrapper Ads
Tracking user interaction is important for measuring the effectiveness of a video ad. Using the IAB’s VAST specs, we previously added event tracking for our VAST inline and overlay ads but not for 3rd party tags (“wrapper ads”). This limited publishers from analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns created using 3rd party VAST tags.

Now we’re releasing event tracking for VAST wrapper ads as well.


Upcoming Project Highlights
Upcoming Releases has been renamed Sneak Peek, and we’ve added an Also Working On section where we’ll show you what’s in the pipeline but not necessarily scheduled in a specific release. Feel free to give us feedback on what’s in development!


eCPM Trend Graph
eCPM trend graph under the Ad tag performance page in the Ad network Dashboard use to show the eCPM trend for only last 8 days.

We have improved this graph and it now includes upto 3 months ‘True Impressions’ graph along with ‘eCPM trend graph’ as displayed below.

Windows Mobile Browser Targeting
Added Windows mobile device and Palm device browsers under the browser targeting section in the create ad form as shown below: