ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May 2014

Updates to Reach Frequency report


A) Reach report for all advertisers:

Now you can pull reach report for all advertisers at one go. Earlier, a user could get Reach Report for a single campaign under a given advertiser. But now at a given point of time, one can pull all campaigns under a single advertiser and all campaigns under all advertisers.

B) Reach report for current month:

If a campaign was running and one would like to see current month reach report than one had to wait for the whole month to end. But now one can pull current month reach report. The current month reach is available  from start of the month till last calendar week end ONLY. Data for current month reach will be available ONLY if calendar week (Sunday to Saturday) is completed. Report output shows the actual date range for which the data is processed i.e from the start of the month till last calendar week end.

Transcoding Video to Multiple Bitrate

You can now traffic VAST video ads into multiple bitrate without using any external tool for transcoding. Earlier, there were certain limitations – our video ads delivery from VAST templates was slow as there was no direct facility in the trafficking system to transcode a High quality video from the advertisers into multiple profiles suitable for different bandwidths.

However, now, the moment you select the ‘Transcode my Video’ option from the VAST compatible template, the system automatically transcodes the creative video into different formats. The accepted file formats via Browse are: AVI, MOV, MP4 and FLV. When a video is uploaded successfully the system displays the bitrate and resolution for the original file. In fact, the system displays the Format, Bitrate, Width, Height, Video and Duration of the transcoded video file.

Single line and multi-line Research URL/code

With this project we are trying to make the trafficking of RV tags simple for Users by demarking single line and multiline RV tags clearly on UI as well as backend. Previously we use to have just a single text box which create a lot of confusion.