ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May 2012

VAST Events Report
Now you can track all sixteen IAB standard events for a VAST Ad in ZEDO. We added a multi-select box  in the VAST Ad template that allows customers to choose the events they would like to track for an ad. See below:

To see the report for all sixteen events, look under the  Reporting tab.  In this first phase we are allowing you to pull only the “creative summary report “ for all events. See below:

We plan to add more types and filters in upcoming releases.

Adhoc Report Read Only Access For CAT
Default Ad trafficker users can now allow custom ad.traffickers  read-only access to  Adhoc reports. See below:

My Preferences
As the name says this is a new section in our Admin tab which will allow you to set your preferences. You can change the default settings of our dashboard views, set the default rank ads settings and more, as displayed below:

We will continue to add more options in this tab in future releases

Dock Main Navigation Pane
As part of the effort to enhance user experience, the navigation pane now docks to the top of the page, and remains on the screen unless removed. This allows users to access the navigation easily, especially on lengthy pages. This project was led by a group of young developers at ZEDO, who recognized the importance of navigation in the UI and worked to give it prominence. See below:

Global Search Revolutionized
We have revolutionized our global search by adding simple commands that will allow you to jump to any page or any task. For example:

  • Type ” create campaign” press enter and jump to create campaign page.
  • Type “create ad in <campaign name> and jump to create ad of that campaign.

There are many more commands to help you jump to any page without any navigation. See below:

Things you can do next:
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