ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2014

1) Transcoding of video to multiple bit rate (to be released by the end of this month!)

We have built and integrated a new Transcoding tool in our VAST compatible ad template. Users will now be able to convert their often higher bit rate videos into multiple videos of different bitrates.

This will allow the VAST player on the Publisher page to pick up the file with the best suited bit rate file as per the users bandwidth.  This will ensure that the the video loads smoothly without any lag even for slower bandwidth connections.

You can transcode the files from the VAST Compatible create ad template as shown here:


2) New UI to manually upload multiple files in VAST compatible template:

We have updated the VAST compatible template UI for easy uploading and defined properties of upto 6 media files. The UI is displayed here:

23-04-2014 11-45-47.png