ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2013

We continue to work hard on developing great advertising technology solutions for publishers here at ZEDO. Here is a list of the what we have been working on:

Publisher Role Enhancements

We have added the ability to hide Advertisers/Campaigns/Creative and revenue information from your Publisher and Publisher with Ad Trafficking (PAT) home dashboard graphs.

You can manage this in the Admin tab when you are creating or editing Publisher or PAT roles (see below).

Ad Selection in Campaign Navigation bar

This January we introduced a new navigation bar which allowed users to quickly access any campaign from the Campaign tab landing page. We have now added more features to it:

  • A dropdown to select and navigate directly to a specific Ad.
  • A Create option in the Campaign and Ad selection dropdowns, so you can navigate directly to Create Campaign or Create Ad from here.



Apply frequency cap to all channels

You can now apply a frequency cap to all targeted channels at once when you are capping By Channel – this will save time and effort previously spent on capping each channel individually.



Container Ad Enhancements

Added functionality/features to Container Ads

  • Logo
  • Footer message
  • Can make entire Leaf ad clickable
  • Border in between Leaf ads
  • Secure clickthrough URL option
  • Hyperlink capability
  • Options for opaque or transparent ad
  • ‘Enter’ to separate multiple lines of text


Other Ad Server Changes:

  • Replaced the old flash-based date picker in Create Ad with a JS-based date picker. This will load fast and will work on all browsers.
  • Increased the maximum file size limit for VAST ads to 10 mb.
  • Added Backup Ad for Vertical Page Pusher.
  • Removed auto close bar requirement for Horizontal Page Pusher (main and backup ads).