ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2012

Customized reports by Campaign
You will be able to specify which fields your advertisers can see in campaign reports.

  • Activate Custom Reporting for the campaign
  • Choose reporting metrics [Show: impressions/clicks/actions/revenue] for “custom reporting” campaigns for advertiser roles

Passback for VAST ads
Users can enable pass backs in the Create ad form for VAST ads, and generate Pass back VAST tags. This helps you work with  Video ad networks and monetize revenue by serving the next possible ad when an ad network does a passback.

Ad performance information for Channel Sets
When adding / removing ads from a channel set, it’s impossible to determine which ads to chagne without seeing which ads are serving. By bringing a mini ad dashboard to the edit channel set page, you can now use this important context when deciding which ads to turn off.

Targeting details on targeting icons
The targeting icons on the ads dashboard and rank ads pages will show the targeting details on mouse hover on the icons.

Campaign rate in pacing report
Pacing Report will now have a column to display campaign rate.

Disable Schedule Reports for Ad Trafficker users
Default ad trafficker can now disable schedule reports created by any user.

Editable Action Cookie Lifetime
Users can now define a different cookie tracking time for actions created for a campaign/advertiser.