ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June 2014

Bug fixes and Performance improvements:

This month our main focus was to release some back-end projects that would help improve performance of our system. We also fixed and released some of the issues as below:

  • Upgrades to Transcoding of video files in the VAST compatible template
  • Allow bulk cloning of ads from an ad network linked advertiser to a direct advertiser who is not linked to any ad network


We are building support for multiple languages (currently Japanese) in ZEDO and we updated a few pages like, Home, Advertiser dashboard, Profit per Publisher dashboard and few reports.

Ad formats updates:

Container Ad with One Leaf – You can now create a Container Ad with only one leaf instead of the previous two leaf restriction.


container ad.png


The full page expanded unit has been made Optional so that users can use it like a stay-on ad format on their desktop and mobile devices. We have also added Close Button Properties in the Adhesion Format ad template.