ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June 2013

OS targeting:
Users can now target ads to specific operating systems when trafficking ads. A new OS tab is available in the Targeting section of Create Ad.  A creative targeted to a specific OS will serve only on that system; if a creative is not targeted to any specific OS than it will serve on all OS. All major desktop and mobile OS’s are supported.

OS targeting on create ad page:

IAB Rising Star – Slider:
We started off by supporting IAB’s Billboard ad format, which was used by many of our customers. Now, we have released support for IAB Rising Star: Slider.

Ad experience:

  • The Ad loads anchored to the bottom of the page.
  • On user click or mouse-over, the publisher page slides to the left, revealing the Slider Content on the right.

Ad Title Improvements:
We’ve improved our Ad Title feature (which helps you strengthen your brand by including your logo or company name on ads). Now you can upload multiple Ad Titles for your account, and can select the appropriate one when trafficking an ad.


Ad Title Setup in Account preferences:


Applying Ad Title when trafficking: