ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June 2012

VAST Advanced Report

Last month we released a Summary Report for VAST video ads that will give you statistics for all 16 standard IAB events for a VAST Ad in ZEDO.

This month, we added more:

  • Advertiser performance report
  • Channel report
  • Publisher report
  • Account report
  • Ad dimension report
  • Campaign report
  • City, Country, State, DMA reports

Horizontal Page Pusher with Leave Behind
Our Horizontal Page Pusher ad is a high-impact, large format which moves your entire site to the side to display a large banner.  This unit is designed for creative larger than 640×480.

We’ve improved this unit to allow for a 300×250 leave behind, as shown in the screenshot below:

When done, the site moves back into position and leaves room for the 300×250 leave behind.

Schedulable Inventory Forecast Reports
In April, we released a simple, clear and more comprehensive inventory forecast report. We have now added support for scheduling this report to be delivered both to email and to a FTP server.

VAST Template Changes:
VAST “Wrapper ads” get their own section in the VAST ad upload template; allowing you to easily set up VAST wrapper ads, and clearing the confusion between VAST inline ads and other ads.

Custom Ad Code:  Overlay Improvements
This revised Overlay Template makes it easier to upload ads by automatically inserting required flash functions, thus avoiding any problems caused by manual file modifications.

You can also now preview your close button to view customizations for button size, font style and size, and close bar color.

Support for VPAID .swf files (VAST)
You can now upload VPAID swf files in both Inline and Overlay VAST ads.

Inline ad:

Overlay Ad:

More suggestions? Just let us know and we will work them into the product roadmap.

Click Tracker End Dates:
Unlike standard ads, click trackers are not controlled by our ad serving engine – they simply log any and all clicks.  In the past, this meant that in order to stop counting the clicks, the tag had to be removed from the page.  This isn’t always possible, and now, we will stop counting clicks based on the end date assigned to the click tracker.

End date in create ad form:

New parameter in Click tracker tag:

Send User Info by Mail
Quickly send account information for new users directly from the Create User screen.

Things you can do next:
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