ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July

VAST Video Ad Serving
With our July 28th release, ZEDO will complete the adoption of the VAST 2.0 standard for video ad serving.  Our customers can use their custom flash player, or a VAST compatible player.

Frequency Cap by Hour
In response to customer demand, we now support frequency capping by hour.

Ad Title
Your ad slots can now have Titles (example:  “Advertisement” as shown in the image below).  You can do this in the ZEDO ad tag without having to add extra HTML or make any changes to the site.

Report Builder Improvements
We have made a the following improvements to the ZEDO Report Builder:
1. Now supports CPD campaigns
2. Hourly data available for past 14 days
3. Today’s data available
4. Level and Weight data now available under Creative properties