ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July 2014

ZEDO’s first showcase app “ZEDO PLAY” is now live on the Google Play Store (the iOS version will be out shortly too).

ZEDOPLAY’s initial release brings to you all our in-app offerings with standard ad units, rich media MRAID units (from prominent 3rd parties like Celtra, Crisp etc.), fullscreen & popup interstitials, custom placements and in-stream video ads with many new formats in the pipeline. ZEDOPLAY uses our new API-based SDKs. The initial feedback and benchmarks not only suggests that the new SDK performs and looks fantastic, but also leaves the competition behind by a fair margin.

You can download the app on your Android devices directly here –

Responsive Ads

Enable you to reposition and swap ads in real-time as per the user’s screen size. You will have to define the screen size break points and ad dimensions that need to be loaded.

Downloadable VAST Videos

We have added support to download the video files uploaded and transcoded from the “VAST compatible” create ad template.

IAB Mobile Rising Star – PULL

ZEDO now supports the IAB Mobile Rising Star – Pull format. It is a two component ad unit which appears as a standard banner but on user interaction slides vertically over the publisher’s content into a full screen ad. It offers audio-visual interaction and other rich media experiences. The sliding effect calls for longer attention span and greater engagement.