ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July 2013

New Revenue type: Cost Per Engagement [CPE]

With video ad serving growing rapidly, advertisers need to be sure that their video ads are engaging viewers and generating interest about their products. Viewer engagement is measured by events:  start, midpoint view, full screen views, etc., that are defined by VAST video standards. These metrics give good insight into video ad performance.

Advertisers want to be able to pay publishers based on these events. Our new Cost per Engagement [CPE] revenue type lets publishers track this type of payment and allocate campaigns based on the event they will be paid for. This makes it easier for users to manage campaign revenue based on engagements.


Create Campaign:

Report Builder:

Upgrades to VAST

VAST reports in access control

We’ve built some exciting features like VAST Events and Cost per Day revenue type. Reporting for these features was previously available only for administrative users.

Now, administrative users can allow any role type to see these reports.


Daily breakdown for VAST reports

Until now, users could see only Summary data for VAST Events. We have added a Daily data breakdown option to the VAST Event report.

Expanded access to VAST ad trafficking template

The VAST ad trafficking template will now be available for Custom Ad Trafficker and Publisher Ad Trafficker role types.

Channel sets for VAST video channels

Several of our customers have asked that we extend our Channel Sets functionality to work for VAST video channels – so we did. You can now create a Channel Set for your VAST Enabled Channels.

Clone VAST Ads

Cloning functionality has been added for VAST ads.

Targeting Template For All Ad Types

Earlier this year we introduced targeting templates in our ad trafficking form, which allowed ad traffickers to save common settings as a template, making it faster to traffic highly targeted ads, (and making life easier for them!)

Initially this feature was released only for a few ad types. However, now we have updated this feature and made it available for all ad formats.

So we have just made this feature even more useful. Stay tuned, there is more to come!

iframe Buster in Ad Tag Generator

Because many customers use iframe tags to serve Rich Media ads, we’ve simplified the process of including an iframe buster in the ad tag.

When you generate an iframe ad tag, simply selecting Add iframe buster will add a placeholder for the buster file path (or you can include the path yourself, if you know it). There’s a link to the implementation guide for the feature right on the page.

Apply targeting template to multiple ads in Ad Search

Ad Search is much more than just a simple search. Now you can apply a Targeting Template to multiple ads (even ones belonging to different Advertisers and Campaigns) in a single step, using the new ‘Update targeting Template’ feature on the Search page (Campaigns tab >> Search sublink).

Screenshot with “Update targeting template” clicked