ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July 2012

VPAID Ad Format: Expandable Overlay
After adding support for VPAID swf file uploads, we now give users the ability to create VPAID overlay ads by uploading normal swf files. We support two overlay expandable ads and expandable ads using Flash. Both functions can be found in the trafficking for VAST Compatible tab. Get More Data with ZEDO Ad Network
The ZEDO Ad Network (ZAN) dashboard has been updated with new options for viewing data. Users can choose  to see:
  • Yesterday (This is the default view.)
  • Yesterday & LWSD
  • Last Month
  • MTD & Last Month
  • Compare Dates (User can select dates for which to compare data.)
  • Custom Date Range (Summarizes data for a user-selected date range.)


Auto Detection Of AdMagnet Tag In ZEDO
ZEDO now supports AdMagnet ad tags as standard ad server tags in our 3rd party ad server: When a user uploads an AdMagnet tag, ZEDO will automatically add appropriate click tracking and cache busting macros.

Scheduled Report Change Log
Now you can see who created, modified, activated, or deactivated any Scheduled Reports, along with the time and date of the change.

Overlay Ad Without Base Using 3rd Party Ad Code:
We now allow users to create an overlay ad without a base using 3rd party ad code.
Users can access the Overlay/Floater (Without Base File) template through the Custom Ad Generator link in the trafficking form (Create Ad).

We will automatically update the ad code with ZEDO click tracking macros for the following ad servers: Atlas, Doubleclick, Mediaplex, Adtech, Eyeblaster. Others will have to be updated manually.