ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January

As we dive into 2011, our development teams have already started turning ideas into reality. Check out some of the improvements that our team has rolled out in the first month of 2011:

More control over user access
Ad networks often don’t want publishers to see data for everything running on their sites. Now administrators can designate which advertiser records a Publisher can view. This is especially useful for ad networks that wish to exclude house and default ads from impression and performance statistics.

теперь, Русский (Now, Russian)
We’ve added the ability for users to select a language preference for our interface. We started with Russian, and will be adding more languages throughout the year. The setting is available on the Create User or Edit My Information pages.

If you speak or read Russian fluently and notice any errors, please let our Support team know!

Search by Demographic
Our global search field has been updated.  You can now search for ads by user demographics.