ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January 2013

Streamlined Navigation for Easier Campaign Access
Previously, to  view or edit a campaign, you had to

  • Go to the Campaign Dashboard
  • Select an advertiser to see its campaigns
  • When the campaign list loaded, select the campaign
  • Click the campaign name to see the details

We have simplified the process by adding searchable drop downs to the Campaign Dashboard. Now you need only select the Advertiser and Campaign from the dropdowns and click Go.
(You can type in the Campaign field to find a campaign even faster.)

Much quicker than waiting for all campaigns to load!

In this phase we have added Campaign selection:  In the future you will also be able to navigate directly to a specific ad and to the Create Campaign and Create Ad pages.

Simplified Macro Insertion for Non-Standard Ad Server Tags
We have made it easy for users to insert ZEDO click tracking and cachebusting macros in ad tags from non-standard ad servers.

You will no longer have to remember the process or refer to documents to correctly insert macros. All you have to do is highlight the macro placeholder and then click a button to replace the highlighted text with the ZEDO macro.

Streamlined Ad Targeting UI
Previously, if you were viewing the Targeting section in Vertical mode, all the options were displayed, which made the form very long and a bit difficult to navigate.

Now you can collapse the options which you don’t need to see, so the form is shorter and easy to navigate.

Updated Ad Search
Over the years we have added many features to Campaigns and Ads, but not allowed you to Search using these options.

We have added many new filters to the Search tool – like additional targeting options, delivery type, and campaign settings – making it more convenient for you to search for any campaign or ad from this page.

New Slider Behavior – Slide from Top Right
A new variation for our slider ad template allows the ad to slide in from the top right corner and settle at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Add Bulk Channels to Channel Sets
We’ve added the ability to add multiple channels to a channel set at one time by uploading a text file containing all the channel names.

Channel Type Filters
In this project we have added a drop down menu of channel types to the View Channels page and the Channel Dashboard. You can now filter results by the following Channel types:

  • Flash
  • Sequencing
  • Synchronized
  • VAST Video
  • Secure
  • Linked to ZAN