ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January 2012

Here’s a preview of the latest improvements in our recent release!

Push On Demand:

With the click of a button, you can “hurry up” those fixes and changes you need pushed quickly.  Regular ad updates are processed every 15 minutes (give or take), but for those things that can’t wait until the next train, you have the power to initiate a push on your own.  This is a great improvement that should tide you over while we work on other improvements that will rapidly push ad changes across the board.

Home Tab Access:

For our Ad Network Customers – your publishers already have access to the Home Tab – but Publishers with Ad Trafficking were overlooked.  With the recent release, users with PAT role will also have a Home Tab when they login.

Vertical Slider Speed Options:

Customers using ZEDO’s Vertical Slider will notice that they now have an option to select the speed of the ad unit.

InView Slider:
We’ve mentioned this before, but ZEDO’s InView Ad Unit only runs when it can be guaranteed that it will be seen. This best-in-class ad unit gives publishers a way to boost revenue, and gives advertisers a great way to guarantee to catch scrolling readers.

Real Time Data added to Dashboards:

We’ve rolled out real-time data updates on the Campaign and Advertiser dashboards, and will roll this out to all other dashboards in the coming releases.

Run Adhoc Reports on-the-fly:
It’s much easier to run an adhoc report now – rather than create the report as a template, then save it, and then run it, you can run the report right when you build it.  Dare I say, “Finally!”?

Flash File support for Wallpaper Ads:
We now offer support for flash files with the ZEDO wallpaper unit.

To learn more about any of these features, contact your ZEDO Account Manager by calling 415-348-1975.

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