ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February

With 2011 in full force, our technology development teams have been working hard to make sure ZEDO’s customers have the most innovative tools on the online advertising scene. Here is a glimpse of just a few things they accomplished this month:

Demographics targeting in rank ads
We’ve added a new column in Rank ads to show demographics targeted to an ad.

Change Logs in Creative Pacing Graph
Our creative pacing chart shows 30 days’ serving trends.  We’ve added the useful information from the Change Logs so you can see which changes impacted the ad serving volume.

Country reach frequency report
This is an enhancement to our reach frequency report. This report will now give you unique impressions and clicks for each country.

Recently Visited Pages
Want to customize your ZEDO landing page? This feature will allow you to choose a landing page design and give you a quick navigation to your “Most Viewed” and “Recently Visited” pages:

Expandable ads using Iframe tags
You will now be able to run Expandable Ads using standard IFRAME tags.  This long-awaited feature lets publishers serve valuable, rich formats with ease, without requiring a tag change on their website.  For now, we provide support for “User Initiated” and “Auto Initiated” expandable ads using standard IFRAME tags. We will be rolling out IFRAME tag support for other rich media ad types in upcoming releases.