ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2014

Custom HTML Ad Template

Ad templates is a powerful template creator tool that will allow ad traffickers to insert frequently-used HTML/Javascript Ad codes and create a template.

Create Ad Template Screen:

The templates created will be available in the Create Ad page as a new primary ad type called Ad Templates.

Create Ad Screen:

This will allow you to eliminate all the manual tweaking required before you upload a new ad with new supporting files.

So go ahead and create templates for all your custom ad code and make life easy for your ad trafficker.

Master JS tag on ad tag generator

ZEDO is excited to introduce the next generation of  The Master JavaScript Tag.

The new tag is easy for publishers to implement, while providing speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Publishers can now use a single tag to serve ads in all ZEDO ad slots via a single request.

Master Tag Generator:

This provides the best possible experience for end users, while simplifying ad delivery of web, mobile, and video content.