ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2013

VAST event report enhancement

Previously, the VAST event report we showed data up to the previous day – you had to wait for another day to check the current day’s event data. We now include the current day’s data in the report, and as it’s updated hourly, you can get the most current VAST events data at any time.

Separate Test Ad for backup ad

You can now test both the primary and back up ads – for all ad types – when trafficking.

VAST Event reporting in Report Builder

We have added VAST events as parameters in the Report Builder – you can now create your own custom reports for VAST events

State/City level data in performance report

You used to have to use Inventory reports to see state and city level data. Now, Performance reports will also show country, state, and city data, even if no ad is targeted to the particular geographic region. This will allow users to run any performance report (Advertiser, Campaign, . . . etc) for a country, state, or metro.

Iframe buster for Slider Ads

This improvement will allow users to slider ads using iframe tags. This was previously possible using JavaScript tags only. Just select the check box as show in the screenshot below: