ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2012

February’s been good to us and our ad server!  Here’s a look at what we released so far this month.

Improved Search
We added the ability to search by IO (Reference number) in Global Search and Ad Search.

Introducing Ad Retirement
A new status has been added for ads that stopped serving 12 months ago. This is a maintenance measure to improve the performance of channel and channel set edits.  Contact Support for more details about automatic ad retirement and how this might affect you.

Campaign Level Pacing Graphs
We added Deviation & Pacing indicator for ads in campaign-limited campaigns.

By Popular Demand!
Single Page Ad Trafficking:  We updated the Create Ad page to display all all placement information in one screen (vs. separate tabs).

Clone Ads in Campaign:  We also added the ability to clone ads in a campaign as a step in the campaign cloning process!

Passback Impression Data
Passback Impression Data has been added to the Adhoc Reporting database

API v.4 Update
Added two new fields to API v4: Campaign level impression limit and Campaign I/O