ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April

We introduced a new innovation that we believe is going to revolutionize the online advertising space, improved ad serving functions, created better forecasting, launched a new way for publishers to have even more control.

Launched ZINC Exchange at ad:tech San Francisco!
ZINC is a new Ad Exchange from ZEDO.  ZINC is a guaranteed ad exchange for newspapers and advertisers who want to buy newspaper placements in just one click. Inventory availability is clear and transparent.  Agencies will see real-time inventory and actual pricing.

ZINC is in currently in beta, but publishers can sign up to secure their invitation at www.ZINCx.com/publishers and advertisers at www.ZINCx.com/advertisers.

Dormant Channels
Ad networks often distribute hundreds of tags to sites that eventually pull tags down.  If we find channels that are no longer serving, we’ll stop using active system resources for them.

Channels serving extremely low volumes will be set to a new status called “Dormant”, and will stop getting ad served to them.  Once the channel starts to request ads again, the system will generate a fresh ads.

The Dormant Channels will be indicated in the UI as shown below:

The thresholds for dormancy are set up on a per-customer basis, using impression and timeframe information to trigger the channel status change. Please contact support if you have more questions about Dormant Channels.

Scheduled Delivery of Inventory Forecast Report
Your sales team can now select multiple channel-dimension and get the forecasing report schedules sent to their email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and to retrieve them later.

Access Control Changes:
We have added the ability to let your Publisher Ad Trafficker (PAT) users use the Custom Ad Code Generator tool.

Ad traffickers will be able to grant access of ‘Custom Ad Generator’, in the create ad form, to their PAT users.  This will allow PAT users to create rich media ads using our Custom Ad Code Generator.