ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2013

Country Forecast Report

We have now added forecasting by country to the Inventory Forecast Report.  This includes a country-by-country breakdown of total, sold, reserved and available inventory. This is useful for allocating impressions and allows your sales team to monetize inventory based on countries.

3rd Party Research Vendor support for VAST

You can now insert single-line 3rd-party research vendor tracking tags to track VAST ads externally.

Activity Targeting Enhancements  

Activity Targeting now includes support  for “NOT” logical operator and an improved

user interface to easily select and create logical expressions, This feature can help you understand the sequence in which the expression will be evaluated.

Integrated Security Screening with The Media Trust

Running an unknown 3rd-party tag through your network without  proper verification could risk your reputation in the market. Get this scanned with The Media Trust’s scanning solution in your ZEDO account.

ZEDO, in partnership with Mediatrust, has added an ability to scan 3rd-party ad tags uploaded in ZEDO system. This is a premium feature and will be available at the Advertiser and Campaign level.

Upon activating this for an advertiser/campaign, all the 3rd-party tags will be put for scan in Mediatrust. ZEDO support team will send you detailed report for any suspicious activity found for these tags and help you curb these issues before they spoils your relationship with your publishers or site users.

 Please contact your Account Manager to learn more.


InView Ad Tags

Our popular InView and StayOn ad formats have been a hit with advertisers and publishers.  Advertisers love the innovative, viewable unit, and Publishers love the integration with their site and supplemental inventory.

You can now generate ad tags for this High Impact Format directly in the ZEDO Ad Tag Generator.


Scheduled Reports

You can now edit the Subject Line and Message body for all Scheduled Reports.