ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2012

ZEDO Inventory Forecast 3.0 [Beta]
Sales teams for online publishers need to know exactly what’s available to sell. To this end, they need precise inventory forecasting. Forecasts also allow Ad Operations teams to optimize performance, leading to maximum revenue.

Always responsive to customers’ needs, ZEDO released Inventory Forecast 2.0 in mid-2010, which used ad server predictions to generate forecasts. This report greatly improved on the accuracy of our previous forecast report.

But better isn’t always good enough. We got feedback that people wanted graphic representations of data – which is sometimes difficult to visualize from numbers. The latest iteration – ZEDO’s Inventory Forecast 3.0 – is simple, clear, easy-to-read and interpret, with a comprehensive graph and a succinct summary. It’s in beta. Let us know what you think!

The New Report

Other differences in the new report are

  1. Data for Reserved inventory
  2. All new results set for Channel and Ad Dimensions forecast
  3. Ability to select multiple Channels and Ad Dimensions
  4. Updated labels and terminology

Expanded support for VAST 2.0 ads
We added a new template for trafficking Overlay (non linear video) ads that are compatible with VAST 2.0 compliant video players.

Streamlined trafficking flow
We streamlined the ad trafficking process by adding a direct link to the Create Ad form in the menu bar.

Previously, to traffic a new ad you had to

  1. Click the Campaign tab
  2. Select the Advertiser and wait for the campaigns to load
  3. Select the Campaign
  4. Click the Create Ad button

Now you can just

  1. Hover over the Campaign tab until you see the sub links, then click “Create Ad”
  2. Select the Advertiser and Campaign and traffic the ad

Isn’t that easier?!

Flash ClickTAG Validator Tool
This tool was previously used internally to make sure that the clickTAGs in Flash files were correct. We made some changes and released it so that now anyone can use it to make sure that their tags will click through properly. This means that Publishers can now ask Advertisers to check their own clickTAGs before sending creative – alleviating the “Please fix the clickTAGs” back and forth. This advertising technology tool is available at: http://www.zedo.com/flashclicktagvalidator/clicktagValidator.html and it looks like this: