You got data, now what?

Internet publishers need to have insight into their data, that’s for sure.  At ZEDO we believe it’s not only about getting the data, it’s about what you are allowed to do with it; how much you can generate, in what format, and how many tools are available to turn you into an analytical quantitative master. So you want your advertising partner’s management platform to be as innovative as possible. Much like ZEDO’s (to shamelessly applaud ourselves).

We’ve been told that our interface is the easiest to use and that we have the “best reporting of all ad servers… both fast and flexible, allowing us to drill down into data from multiple views.” (Doucette Media).

To boot, publishers can customize their own reports in the ZEDO UI at lightning speed.  Email your advertisers success stories in the form of reports, and ensure them accurate spending with in-depth forecasting.  Because it’s not just about having data, it’s what you’re able to do with it.