Why outsourcing extra ad ops capacity is good

Of ZEDO’s many Advertising Technologies and Services for publishers, outsourced trafficking is the one most in demand today because of its ability to help publishers cut cost.  Publishers using many different ad servers often ask me if ZEDO can help their ad ops team with overflow work load, and I am proud to always answer confidently that ZEDO certainly can.

The benefit of using outsourced ad ops for publishers is threefold:

1. Save Money.
ZEDO, for example, charges about half the fully loaded US cost of a full time ad operations employee (FTE). No one wants to be the one paying more than they have to.

2. More Coverage.
Customers ask my team all the time if someone can help them because their ad ops team is short staffed, or not working on weekends. Advertisers send requests late on Friday night or Saturday mornings and often want ads live by Monday. Publishers usually have great ad ops teams, but only during business hours. Outsourcing provides 24 hour 7 day a week coverage. I am excited that we can do this at any time of the day or night, and customers really appreciate it.

3. Avoiding Retention Issues.
Retaining great ad ops staff is hard work, in my experience. Entry level ad ops recruits often want to move to sales or development after a year.  That means hiring and training all over again and losing your best people. Outsourcing can be a better solution.  By signing up with ZEDO, publishers maintain their excellent senior teams and don’t waste time on hiring and retention. They find this quite a relief.

I think outsourcing of ad ops is the right way to go for publishers. We can add value to any publishers across the world. Outsourced ad ops is one of our big value adds today. Publishers cut costs, avoid wasting time on retention and get excellent 24/7 coverage to win and retain advertisers.

And, there is no better company than ZEDO to do this because we engineered an ad server – we know how they work. I, personally, and my team actually enjoy helping publishers to keep their advertisers happy.

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