What’s Wrong With Digital Ads?

The key to better online advertising results and higher eCPMS is more compelling creative in formats that can be seen. One cannot  happen without the other.

There, we’ve said it again. We keep saying it. Although we’re a technology provider, we know our products work better with more relevant ad content. Perhaps this year we will marry the creativity of Madison Avenue with the technical expertise of Silicon Valley and produce some ads that truly work for brands. We’re open to any publisher, brand, or agency that wants to partner with us to tip the scales on digital ads.

As Brian Wax has said,

Scale is only achieved once richly researched, carefully strategized, brilliantly created and carefully placed custom content — formerly known as print and TV ads– are distributed by media companies.

And the mechanical solutions that the platform guys offer in pursuit of marketing scale are frequently naive and irrelevant to effective and engaging campaigns. Advertising is not an automate-able, scalable craft. (In fact, craft is not scalable by definition.)

At meetings I’ve attended where the big platforms promote brand pages, promoted tweets, promoted stories, etc., my fellow ad veterans — both traditional and digital — have listened politely, only to return to creating campaigns that focus on their individual client’s brands, and in the process, they have effectively ignored the platform pitch. That’s why most campaigns from creative agencies do not depend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Path or Friendster as important tools — yet.

But the big agencies are beginning to be attracted by high impact formats  like full-screen video and the InViewSlider that produce 99% viewable impressions and command a premium. We need to combine these formats  with great content in order for them to become as successful as we know they can be.

That’s why this year we are not only talking to publishers, to whom we offer these formats for direct selling, but also to large agency holding company who want a brand-safe, effective way to marry technology with creative.

2013 will be the year in which a new kind of marriage takes place: the marriage of ad formats with superior creative. Does anyone want to produce award-winning ads with us? We’re ready for you.