What Are ZINC’s High Impact Formats?

We’ve been talking about high impact formats for over a year now, long enough to occupy most of the first page results on Google. However, the term probably needs a more specific definition, especially the way we use it at ZINC.
Our high impact formats emerged from a challenge I issued to our team over a year ago to develop some formats that could help readers engage more with ads, since standard display ads were clearly not working as well as they used to. Out of that challenge came a suite of eight truly different unique formats, which we’ve offered through the ZINC site to agencies for campaigns that really demand high visibility, and can be used for both brand building and performance. These ads, sold either by us or by our premium publishers, consistently outperform traditional display ads, although they come in standard units. We’ve tested some of them with comScore and they’ve been found to be consistently 99% viewable.
The highlights:
ZINC InView Display: Our InView Display ads provide a customized user experience in standard formats, and require very little work on the part of the buyer to implement. In ads like these, the user may be accustomed to ad units in certain locations on web pages,  but ZINC ads create a customized experience by reacting to the consumer’s behavior. As the visitor scrolls down a page, the ad is triggered to appear in the right rail in a subtle sliding motion. The motion of the unit gets the consumers attention, resulting in increased brand recognition and higher  CTRs. The InView slider, the most popular of these, has been tested 99% viewable.
These ad formats can run video as well. We have perfected techniques for getting these campaigns live very quickly, as they can accept all standard existing creative. These are not like traditional rich media ads that demand special creative before they can run. They get a great reception from viewers, because they’re unusual, and they only appear when someone is there to see them. Our patented scroll technology allows for subtle effects that don’t cause editorial departments to wince.
ZINC InArticle Video: Engaging an Engaged Viewer
In the past year, video has taken the ad world by storm, probably because consumers will watch video ads in greater numbers than will watch standard banners. As a result of the consumer shift to video consumption online, especially on mobile devices, the best sites quickly run out of pre-roll inventory. Our answer to that is InArticle, a video format that runs on an uncluttered premium web page that is already being read by an engaged visitor.
As the user slowly scrolls down the lines of text, a large canvas opens up and  a high quality video ad begins. The  curious user clicks on the ad, and the brand’s message expands to fill the entire device screen, creating the closest experience to TV on digital at the highest point of engagement. It’s a fresh way to reach a desirable audience, and at a scale that is compelling because of our premium sites.
Almost every time we demo these formats, an agency gives us an insertion order. You can learn more about these exciting advances in online advertising at ZINC’s special showcase site.
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