Want More Cash? ZEDO Will Help!

As a publisher, your goal every day is to cut costs and increase revenue.  Our goal is to help you monetize all of your remnant ad inventory so that making a BIGGER profit is easier than ever before.  So we ask publishers, why not let ZEDO help you sell more of your remnant inventory with the ZEDO RevMax system? You don’t have to be a ZEDO Ad Serving customer. You just have to be a publisher who has remnant inventory, wants to optimize inventory, and wants to make more revenue. If this sounds like you, ZEDO’s RevMax system is here for you.

ZEDO’s expert ad network managers have long standing relationships with trusted ad networks with high CPMs that want to buy remnant inventory. ZEDO can help you connect with these various ad networks, help you get set up to run their verified ads on your site, and provide a management dashboard where you can view the activity of EVERYTHING in one place (see example of this web platform below).

As a publisher you’ll learn how to use this management platform and work with the ZEDO optimization team who will be actively monitoring your ad performance, increasing impressions, changing frequency caps, and allocating inventory to ad networks with higher CPMs to strategically increase your overall eCPM and revenue.

To learn more, click here: http://www.zedo.com/product/yieldOptimizer.htm.
To try this revenue generating technology, click here: salesinfo@zedo.com