Viewable Impressions? We’ve Got Them

Last week, we took the wraps off the new ZEDO. The new ZEDO is more than an ad server, more than a partner for publishers — it is a partner to the entire publishing and advertising ecosystem, an ecosystem that has been struggling for a decade with disruption.

On the publisher side, content is always regarded as king, but supporting it has become more and more challenging. On the brand side, marketers know intuitively that putting the right message in front of the right customer at the right time increases conversions, but traditional online advertising has an abysmal success record. A year ago, we set ourselves the task of fixing what’s wrong with online advertising — with the goal of making it as effective as TV.

Get ready for viewable impressions. Comscore is starting to talk about them, but ZEDO can supply them.  A well-kept secret is that we’ve been working with Comscore since the early days of AdxPose, and we were one of the first to ensure that our impressions were viewable. And now, with our new high impact formats, we can guarantee 99% viewable impressions. Measurable. Repeatable. No wonder we are excited.

We are rolling out an entire series of high impact tablet, mobile, and video ad formats for publishers to choose from. Many are video, all are optimized for tablets and mobile. They’ve got contemporary names like the Inview Slider and the Shuffle — they dance across the page and attract viewers’ attention with their creativity, rather than their intrusiveness.

The launch of our viewable impressions suite of formats comes before the launch of our new web site and identity for a reason: we want to show you that there’s substance behind our new brand. We’re not the old ZEDO, server of ads since 1999. We’ve been looking at what the advertising industry needs, what savvy marketers want, and we’re creating that for them. Brands don’t want conventional display ads; they know those don’t work. And they don’t want anything that will not be seen.

It’s time to move away from the print publishing metaphors — above and below the fold, direct marketing and branding –and get into the innovative formats our global engineering staff can deliver. We’re in the process of gathering a group of case studies based on the successes of our beta testers.

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